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Every year, the number of companies leveraging the power of data and business analytics multiplies. In fact, in 2018, nearly all major companies were investing in it—and 73 percent had seen measurable results.1 As more data becomes available and technology continues to evolve, analytics has become crucial to gaining a competitive edge in any industry.

With a business analytics certification, business leaders will develop an understanding of the tools that compile and analyze data—and then learn to integrate their findings at the top level of their organization to increase its standing in the global marketplace.

What Is a Business Analytics Certification?

Business analytics certifications can cover a wide range of topics, but most will prepare you to:

  • Oversee the development and implementation of robust, scalable analytics systems and understand how to leverage their capabilities
  • Describe, summarize, and integrate data findings into organizational strategy
  • Develop a data science pipeline to make the process of gathering, cleaning, modeling, and interpreting data more efficient and accessible

Some certifications are tailored for a particular group within an organization. The Harvard Business Analytics Program, for example, is developed for experienced, top-level business professionals looking to use analytics to increase their company’s global standing.

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Benefits of a Business Analytics Certification for Business Professionals

A business analytics certification can provide a wealth of benefits to business professionals at any level. In addition to working more effectively with data scientists, statisticians, and programmers within the organization, you will gain a new lens through which to view business strategy.

Through this lens—and the insights you’ll gain from integrating big data analytics—you will be able to:

  • Take company performance to a new level: Business analytics will provide both the tools to maximize organizational efficiency and the clarity to develop targeted strategy that’s effective at every stage of the process.
  • Boost retention and expand your client base: Data provides clear insight into what customers want and how they’re interacting with your brand. By tailoring outreach to these wants, you’ll provide greater value to your current customers—and attract more high-value leads.
  • Open new channels of growth and innovation: With the clarity that data provides, you can develop new ways to operate, interact with consumers, and position your brand—thereby advancing the overall success of your organization.

All three of these benefits will give your organization the advantage it needs to drive top-level growth. Plus, as the business leader who implements this strategy, you can increase your own standing within the company—and enhance your impact both inside your organization and across the larger industry.

Why the Harvard Business Analytics Program?

When you enroll in Harvard’s Business Analytics Program, you receive Harvard-level instruction and expertise.

That means you will learn from professors who are thought leaders in their industries, enhance your professional network with some of the top minds in business, and examine case studies of tech giants like Google and Alibaba. You will graduate with a clear understanding of how you can integrate analytics at your own organization on the highest level.

Our program is unparalleled in the marketplace. We also offer:

  • A multidisciplinary curriculum: To ensure you receive a 360-degree understanding of the analytics integration process, our program is delivered through a collaboration between Harvard Business School (HBS), the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS).
  • The hybrid format: All courses and coursework are delivered online so you can get your certification while maintaining your responsibilities at work. However, because we understand the importance of connecting with the Harvard network, the program also includes two weekend immersions so you can connect with your peers and faculty in person.
  • An approach tailored to the experienced professional: Our program is designed for business leaders at the top level of their companies who are in a position to drive growth and change. Through courses like Leadership, Innovation, and Change, you will enhance your already robust skill set—and learn how you can move your company forward with analytics.

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Become a data-driven leader with the Harvard Business Analytics Program. Take the next step today.

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