Program Benefits

What you learn in the classroom is just the start of your Harvard experience. The Harvard Business Analytics Program (HBAP) connects you with the resources, people, and ongoing learning opportunities that set you apart—and that move you forward.

Stay Informed and Get Connected

Harvard Business Review Subscription

Receive a free one-year subscription to Harvard Business Review—typically $120/year—after the first add/drop period. 

Exclusive Networking Forums

Seek advice, trade insights, and share opportunities with classmates and alumni via dedicated Slack channels and LinkedIn groups.

Go Beyond the Classroom

The HBAP community includes 1,140 graduates and current students. This vibrant network offers an array of opportunities outside of the classroom to help you learn from and engage with each other, including student-led

  • clubs on topics like entrepreneurship, women in leadership, and data analysis;
  • interest groups in areas like career planning, sustainability, data competitions;
  • events, such as holiday celebrations, regional in-person meetups, and networking sessions.

Put Your Skills to the Test

Learning Sprints

Focus on specialized topics on the cutting edge of business analytics during these short courses led by industry experts with in-depth knowledge of the HBAP community.

Beta Cases

Engage with faculty research and the development of new classroom methodologies by attending live HBAP Beta Case discussions, which are led by Harvard faculty experimenting with new material.

Pitch Competition

Collaborate with other student-entrepreneurs to develop, workshop, and refine new ventures for the HBAP Pitch Competition, an annual event open to graduates and current students alike.

Career Webinars

Join other HBAPers and executive coach Mark Hardie to discuss holistic career management practices and learn to leverage your analytics skills in the professional market.

Seek Personalized Career Support

Integrate your classroom knowledge, professional experience, and personal interests in ways that drive your career. Whether you’re advancing in your current role, seeking a new position, or changing industries, you’ll be able to leverage benefits such as

  • a virtual career center and a self-paced, career foundations course that covers interview preparation, job search tactics, and more;
  • career coaches who can offer employer-ready feedback on resumes, cover letters, portfolios, and other materials;
  • virtual career studios: a group coaching service designed to help you strengthen and refine your career management skills.

Stand Out. Move Up. Start Now.

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