The HBAP Class Profile

Students in the Harvard Business Analytics Program (HBAP) represent more than a dozen industries and a variety of senior-level career paths. While HBAP students bring unique and valuable perspectives to the table, they share a common goal: to harness the power of data and create a high-powered global marketplace.

Class Overview


Underrepresented Minorities


Age Range

Countries and Territories Represented

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Nigeria
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United States
  • Puerto Rico
  • Peru
  • Singapore
  • South Africa

Gender breakdown of program students and graduates

Circle graph showing gender breakdown percentage of 66% Male and 34% Female.

Circle graph shows the percentage breakdown of gender.

“The HBAP network is very diverse and everyone has unique perspectives to share. It was enriching to hear various views on business problems, knowing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach in solving organizational challenges.”

—Itauma Itauma, April 2019 Cohort

Work Alongside Data-Driven Peers

HBAP students typically enter their cohorts as accomplished professionals, often with decades of experience in their fields. You will create high-level connections with distinguished peers who can help broaden your perspective, uncover new solutions, and be a sounding board in your career.

Nearly half of our students are industry leaders for Fortune 500 companies, and more than 70 have been presidents, vice presidents, or other senior leaders in their organizations. The HBAP network is not only top-tier, but close-knit—many of our alumni report staying in touch with their cohorts long after they finish the program.

“If you want to be a senior leader who is part of a global, diverse network that truly impacts industry, this is it. Every single person I’ve met in the program is unique and data driven, and at the end up the program they have the tools and knowledge to dive into data, innovate, and create.”

—Marily Nika, HBAP Teaching Fellow

Student Experience


13-Plus Industries


20-Year-Average Work Experience


58% Director-Level+ Positions

Industries of C-Suite HBAP Students:

  • Consulting
  • Pharmaceuticals/Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Petroleum/Energy

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Based on self-reported data from enrolled students across 2020 cohorts.